Why You Need RTO Specific Financial Advice

You wouldn’t trust a GP with a surgery, so why trust a general bookkeeper with the finances of your RTO?

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How Student Surveying Will Positively Impact Your Business

RTOs are fortunate to have a huge untapped resource at their fingertips: students. Students are the foundation of an RTOs business, and without them, they wouldn’t be operating – so why not use this resource to gain a competitive advantage?

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Benchmarking Report

As part of our commitment to the VET sector we will be surveying RTO’s across Australia and creating regular RTO Benchmarking Reports. By speaking with these RTOs we’ve been able to find insights into the industry, as well as insights into individual RTO operations. Using these insights, RTOs will be able to internally review operations, and make improvements in line with the findings from the LionHouse Benchmarking Report.

Watch the video on our latest Benchmarking Report on Student Surveying, or download the report here.