About Us

At LionHouse, we believe that we are all individual and creative beings, and part of a fulfilling life is to express yourself through your work. This is true work-life balance and this forms a positive loop that feeds back into your personal life. Passion is simply people doing what they love to do. Our clients benefit from people doing what they are great at. This is the philosophy that inspires the LionHouse Value Statement:

“People expressing themselves through their work, and being the best they can be”

Supporting You In Making The Best Decisions


The VET sector is experiencing tighter and tighter compliance regulations in an effort by governing bodies to cut-out unethical and ill-aligned business practices. This is significantly increasing the cost of operating an RTO and requires a new level of organisational capability. These pressures are threatening societies access to quality VET educators, even forcing many RTOs out of business. At LionHouse we believe that everyone should have access to quality education, and that with the right tools, advice and support, the industry can flourish and sustainably continue to contribute to society for decades to come. This is the philosophy that inspires the LionHouse Mission Statement:

“To support an ethical and sustainable VET sector, and help it grow”

Leading The Way


Every now and again, a rare and valuable synergy between colleagues forms an extremely high performing team. An uncompromising commitment to be the best and perform at the highest, most professional standards has driven the three directors of LionHouse as a team since 2012.

Whilst the directors have extensive experience in senior management of large RTO’s from CFO, CEO and General Management, they also have foundational senior experience in the corporate world outside of the VET sector. This blend of experience means that LionHouse has a very commercial approach with new tools taken from a broad range of industries and experiences.

Making Complex Things Simple


There’s no doubt about it, this is a complex industry. There are so many governing bodies, funding sources, customer types, training models, and constantly changing regulations.

Dealing with LionHouse is refreshing. LionHouse will get to know you and your business first, then tell you what you need to know and be there for you when you have a question or just need an ear to bounce an idea off.

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